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Salumu Bushry Mluta (Bagamoyo, 1972)

He started painting in 1988. My father was a painter, who taught me to paint. My father died in 1999. Now I can paint any picture without problems.

salumu Bushry Mluta (Bagamoyo, 1972)

Sande Peter (Msasani, 1984)

After completing Mbezi primary school my brother Gayo taught me how to paint. I like to paint fish and other animals. I can paint any style by using fish.

sande Peter (Msasani, 1984)

Adam (Ruvuma, 1979)

After completing Standard Seven I joined the cooperative and learned how to paint tingatinga art. Now I completed my studies and I can paint any picture without any problem.

adam (Ruvuma, 1979)

Mangula (Msasani, 1977)

I was educated at Msasani. Three years ago I joined at tingatinga art. I am a good painter now. I can paint any picture without any problem.

mangula (Msasani, 1977)

Gayo Peter (Msasani, 1978)

In 1995 I completed Standard seven. I was interested in painting because most of my family paints. I helped my brother to paint fish and so I got experienced. Now I can paint any picture. Now I teach my younger brother how to paint.

gayo Peter (Msasani, 1978)

Picaso Michael (Msasani, 1971)

My family are painters, so I learned how to paint in order to earn a living.

picaso Michael (Msasani, 1971)

Akilimali Issa (Mwananyamala, 1980)

After completing school I learned from my father how to paint. Because I like to paint I quickly learned how to be a good painter.

akilimali Issa (Mwananyamala, 1980)



Julius Peter (Msasani, 1974)

After completing school I learned how to paint from my grandfather. He loved me and called me to show how to mix colour and how to paint. Now I can mix colours and paint a nice picture.

julius Peter (Msasani, 1974)

Farida Tindo (Waldy) (Tundury, 1974)

I completed Standard Seven and was interested in painting. My brother was a painter and asked me to finish some pictures. I got some experience and now I am proud to paint pictures of girls.

farida Tindo (Waldy) (Tundury, 1974)

Ibrahim A.H. Pandu (Zanzibar)

Painting is my nature. I learned it from my father. I use any kind of colour for my work. I have different kinds of art.

ibrahim A.H. Pandu (Zanzibar)

Musses Tuhanga (1959)

Went to as teaching course grade A. Started painting in secondary school. Had a teacher called Mazzuki. Worked as a visualizer in advertising agencies. Worked as a textile designer in textile industry. Is now a full time artist (painter) painting realism, abstract and patterns.

musses Tuhanga (1959)

Meshack Fibelis Kalembo (1966)

Went to teaching course grade A. Started painting in Nyumbaya Sanaa and continued at Bagamoyo sculpture art school. Now an artist making paintings and curvings.

meshack Fibelis Kalembo (1966)

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